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You can count on us to make the move.

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With the immense history VS Cargo has gained, our firm has been working hand in hand with various transporters across the sub-saharan region in order to cater for an infinite amount of different cargo, ranging from non-ferrous metals, semi precious metals, bulk acids and chemicals, hazardous cargo all the way to fast moving commercial goods and pharmaceuticals.


Whether you require a once of haulage, abnormal cargo, or thousands of tons of cargo; our firm has been working on connecting all regions of Sub-Saharan Africa since 1997, with experience in cargo management and handling from heavy duty goods to hazardous chemicals, our team of expediters will be able to assist you with an infinite amount of cargo haulage requirements. The VS team is constantly striving to delivery your cargo with a service oriented scope of work to ensure our clients are given the best possible service around the clock.


VS Cargo bolsters a renowned clearing agency, working under our subsidiary company iClearXpress, with a well established customer base, tailored to suit any documentation requirements for cargo transiting in and out of Zambia, as well as cargo originating from the republic of Zambia. Our clearing agencies comprises of numerous bonded facilities situated in our Ndola warehousing facility. In order to best cater for our clientele needs, our clearing house consists of cross border offices located across Zambian’s border posts, which work in correlation with our security department as both a clearing office and security checkpoints. Our nation wide footprint includes offices in the following locations:


  • Kasumbalesa

  • Chirundu

  • Livingstone

  • Kazungula

  • Nakonde

  • Chanida

  • Katima Mulilo

  • Sakania

  • Mokambo

  • Lusaka international

  • Ndola headquarters



  • Arrange and assist with specialized clearing of exempt cargo destined to NGO’s, Medical health stores, diplomats, government and Investors

  • Arranging Certifications, health permits, BIVAC inspections, sanitary licenses for agricultural products, certificates of origin for exports including COMESA and SADC certifications, and any other Inspections that our clientele may require

  • Provision of Certificate’s of Destination, as well as FERI documentation for cargo originating from any regions across the world destined for our region of operation.

  • 24 hour, 7 day a week customs support to ensure efficient customs clearance.

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