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R.A.W Cargo is a joint venture, set up to manage the VS group of companies as well as running direct international business to cater for our overseas market. R.A.W cargo has a vast reach for any clientele requiring sea- shipments to and from our African continent. With our strong ties with international shipping firms, we have been catering for shipment requirements at majority of the Sub Saharan major port facilities, in order to deliver your cargo requirements to their final destination.


In tangent with our partners at port, R.A.W cargo are able to facilitate all port requirements including port handling, arranging movement of shipping line containers, and all Free-On-Board formalities (FOB). R.A.W Cargo also facilities the inwards movement of cargo from sea-port, to their final destinations within the Sub Saharan region.


We offer the following services:


  • Sea freight services from the following ports:

  • Dar es Salaam

  • Durban

  • Richards Bay

  • Walvis bay

  • Beira


-Our services include containerized cargo movement, bulk and break bulk cargo, as well as any other particular project related cargo movement.

- Cargo management including all packaging formalities based on clientele requirements, as well as documentation in tangent with bills of lading.

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