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Our team is the key to our success

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Meet The Team


| Danilo Russo

| Managing Director

| +260 961 987 321




| Tommy Mubuyaeta

| Country Security

| Manager H.O.D 

| +260 967 140 959

| +260 979 140 959


Became a part of the VS Cargo Ltd team in 2012 as a Security Escort with previous work experience as Stores, Purchase & Supply officer, General Officer and Assistant Superintendent in previous lines of work.
With VS Cargo Ltd Tommy, through his evident and exceptional hard work, rose through the positions of Tactical Supervisor, Dispatch Coordinator and Security Administrator before being promoted to the position of Junior Security Manager in March of 2016. Subsequently, in July of the same year, he was endorsed into the office of Country Security Manager (H.O.D). He is currently overseeing Security operations in Zambia, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
Tommy has been diligent in promoting and ensuring that there is transparency and accountability in the Security Department both internally and in the eyes of our clients. He has proven to be a team player by making sure that his subordinates and colleagues are not left behind in every aspect of our professional lives. Always, he ensures that his clients are happy with the value-added services they have come to expect of VS Cargo Ltd.


| Raphael Jae

| H.O.D

| Logistics Department /

| Customer Manager 

| +260 967 770 080


Raphael Jae Joined the VS Cargo Ltd team in July of 2006 as an entry level Data Clerk at Head Quarters. He was inducted into logistics, and trained directly by the CEO Alessandra Valenza until 2007. In 2007, he was assigned to the Operations Site  Walilanji Road premises and under W.E. Valenza’s mentorship was trained in Warehousing Operations and Logistics Solutions. He was the only Logistics Operative between 2006 and 2008/9.

Raphael then started building the Logistics Department from scratch in 2008 whilst also serving as assistant to W.E Valenza in heading the Operations Department. Although not in an official capacity, he aggressively strove to learn as much as he could and it paid off in the following ways;
After W.E Valenza’s expatriation to the DRC, Raphael trained 3 consecutive Operations Managers between 2008 and 2010/11 before settling into the Logistics Department fully as then Department Supervisor.


Between 2011 and 2014, Raphael was promoted to Customer Manager, a position he still holds to this day alongside that of Head of Logistics Department. 
Raphael was also instrumental in the creating of the Security Escort department and wrote some of the Standard Operating Procedures that we still use to this day.


| Natasha Mulenga Kaela

| Customs Clearing &

| Forwarding 

| Operations Dept.

| +260 965 536 131




Mulenga Natasha Kaela Bsc. Joined VS Cargo in 2006. Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computing from Greenwich University. Currently pursuing a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Worked in Warehousing and Logistics from inception until 2014 when I was assigned to the Clearing Department.


Currently Managing iClearXpress Ltd, a subsidiary of VS Cargo Ltd and been in charge since 2016. I bring a solution oriented approach a very dynamic field of work focused on creating Customer Satisfaction and a very innovative work culture for the Team.

VS Cargo_Stanley.jpeg

| Stanley Kunda

| Commercial

  Operations Manager

| +260 967 770 075

| +260 978 770 075




Stanley joined VS Cargo ltd 2004 after having worked with Zambia Railways ltd for 14 years from Junior Data Clerk at Goods sheds to Senior Costing & Rates Officer at Head Office. Stanley joined VS Cargo ltd when it had only 6 members of staff and has strived to see it at this level. Stanley has wide expirence in Logistics, transport and warehousing.


| Bwalya Bwalya

| Security Manager

| +260 967 690 514




Bwalya Bwalya joined the Company in June of 2018 serving as a Logistics Operative under the Logistics Department. Handpicked by Alessandra Valenza to launch VS Cargo's Digital Tracking Platform, he now leads the Digital Security Division whilst being mentored under Country Security Manager, Tommy Mubuyaeta. 
He has over 10 years of experience in the management of technology operations, software development, and cloud-based high availability systems. Bwalya is excited to be part of our young, diverse team of professionals, expanding the company aggressively.

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